Current Offerings

  1. Personalized research-based workshop creation/facilitation
  2. Program evaluation using both qualitative and quantitative methods
  3. Educational consulting services
  4. Writing services (curriculum, grants, conference proposals, academic articles)
  5. Speaking services (keynotes, presentations, etc.)

Recent Clients

  • PK-12 School Districts
  • Individual Schools (public, private, charter, religious-based)
  • Institutions of Higher Education
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Nonprofits

Recent Workshop Topics

  • Social-Emotional Learning through the Arts
  • Fostering Cognitive and Non-cognitive Factors with Arts Integration
  • Classroom Management for Arts Environments
  • Transforming Existing Curriculum and Pedagogy through Arts Integration
  • Assessing Arts-Based Learning
  • Re-Framing the Arts as ‘Core’ not ‘Ancillary’
  • Arts Specialists: Who They Are and What They Do
  • Observations and Evaluations of Arts Specialists
  • The Arts-Based Pedagogy Continuum in Practice
  • Critical and Higher Order Thinking through the Arts
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